Social Media & Digital Marketing

With a constantly growing number of social media platforms and a lot of noise, today’s online environment can be daunting. How do you cut through the noise? We deliver one-off and ongoing social media strategies for election campaigns, people, products and businesses. We’ll help you build brand awareness, relationships, leads and sales by speaking to your audiences effectively.

A good digital strategy ensures your messages look and feel the same across all platforms. We’ll advise you on everything from content development and strategy, to targeted advertising and engaging key influencers – ensuring it all blends seamlessly with your other public relations initiatives.

With eight former journalists on the Convergence team, our point of difference is we’re strategic writers. We know when short and punchy is required and when to go into detail. We also have the necessary experience to manage any contentious issues that could go viral – or already have.

Typically, your digital strategy will encompass:

  • Digital Content – to maximise engagement and organic reach we’ll design a content calendar packed with social media posts, articles and stories as well as videos, blogs and fresh website content. We can manage your accounts across all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube – you name it!
  • Digital Advertising – most businesses fail to make the most of their advertising channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and increasingly TikTok. We’ll ensure your adverts use wording, targeting and creative design to catch the eye of your target audience. We can also set up and manage detailed Google Ad campaigns that will improve your search ranking, create brand awareness and drive new customers to your website.
  • Influencers – we can match you with relevant social media influencers and other content creators, and work with them to help reach your target audiences in unique and authentic ways.
  • Audience insights – our digital team will help you learn more about the digital habits, of your audiences and customers by analysing earlier campaigns, running test ads across your social channels, monitoring your ad campaigns daily and doing customer surveys.

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