Shining a light on performance and learning through independent review

Dave Brash

Dave Brash

Convergence Strategic Consultant Dave Brash has both led, implemented, and reviewed a number of significant projects for central and local government including major transport and environment initiatives.

Most recently, Dave presented the findings of his comprehensive review on behalf of the Queenstown Lakes District Council into the Whakatipu Transport Programme Alliance, a partnership delivery model with the NZTA (Kā Huanui a Tāhuna), charged with delivering around $500m in regional infrastructure funded through both ratepayer and taxpayer contributions.

Delivery of key regional infrastructure at the best price is a central concern for both local government managers and ratepayers alike, and independent post-project reviews are an increasingly essential tool to share what went right and what could have gone better. Such reviews create lessons and improvement for major projects, whether delivered by public or private entities or wider partnerships.

With the coalition government’s strong investment in infrastructure and intention to involve local government in a number of private-public sector partnerships called ‘City’ or ‘Regional Deals’, this makes independent reviews and their learnings even more crucial.

Highlighting valuable insights and presenting project shortcoming as key learnings, Dave’s review should be required reading for those involved in funding, planning, and delivering infrastructure and major utility projects, particularly on behalf of public entities.

To read the full report ‘Independent Lessons Learnt – Review of Whakatipu Transport Programme Alliance’ by emailing

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