Personal Profiling

If you want to raise your personal profile and achieve influence within your industry, media, government or the wider public, we have the skills and experience to help you achieve that.

We work with CEOs, aspiring politicians, professional directors, company founders and executives, helping them to create and establish distinctive positioning in support of their personal and business goals. We also manage and develop the reputations of high-net-worth individuals who invariably have unique reputation management needs.

Convergence has extensive experience supporting leaders to develop strategically important relationships. Where appropriate we can also provide you with personal introductions into our own networks.

We use a range of communication channels to ensure your personal and corporate leadership messages reach the right people, in the right way. Throughout we’re mindful of the ever-growing trend towards personality-led, values-driven communication, which calls for careful consideration of the messaging associated with an individual’s leadership philosophies.

Our media relationships cover local, national, broadcast and trade media outlets – wherever your voice needs to be heard.

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