Media Relations & Media Monitoring

Most Convergence consultants are former broadcast or newspaper journalists, so we know exactly what journalists are looking for and how they want to receive information.

We write media releases, suggest the most appropriate media to receive them, and pitch content to specific journalists on your behalf. We can also be the contact point for any media wanting to speak to you.

We can monitor the uptake of your media release, or broader media coverage of your business or industry, so you can keep up with what’s being said about you in the media and what’s currently relevant to your sector.

Where required, Convergence also does ‘social listening’ – monitoring digital communications channels on your behalf.

We’re expert media trainers so if you need to front the media, we can tailor an interactive learning or ‘refresher’ session to meet your needs.

We’re also expert at crafting paid editorial, often referred to as native advertising or advertorial.

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