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Lisa-Marie Richan (L-M)

Lisa-Marie Richan (L-M)

Invert Robotics’ crawler robots began life in the University of Canterbury’s robotics laboratory, before being spun out to their own Christchurch-based research and development hub and taking on a new life as an international company.

Since then, the technology has advanced, more investors have come on board and the company is now a force to be reckoned with in the international inspection market.

The company’s robot crawlers are remotely controlled platforms that inspect tanks, piping and other confined or hazardous spaces too dangerous for people to enter. Specialised tools are attached to the crawlers so they can inspect for defects or cracks, measure the thickness of the vessel walls, and even repair defects.

In an environment where every minute of vessel downtime means significant lost revenue, the technology has become recognised internationally as a reliable and cost-effective way for food and beverage, dairy, chemical and other essential industries to ensure the integrity of highly specialised and expensive assets while keeping their people safe.

When Invert Robotics first approached Convergence in 2017 for help communicating the benefits of their innovative technology to potential global clients, we drew upon the past experience of Convergence Wellington Partner Lisa-Marie Richan, who used learnings gained over 20 years working in British, Australian and European markets, and with American technology clients.

She knew that applying a plain language approach, rather than regurgitating the ‘techno speak’ churned out by many media consultants, results in better translations for Invert Robotics’ ultimate clients – typically operational managers and chief technical officers, for whom English is not their primary language.

Using images and infographics, case studies and easy-to-understand descriptions we communicated not just the cutting-edge technology but how the robots could lead to efficiencies, cost savings, staff safety and compliance benefits.

Convergence also built specific industry media contacts in targeted countries and sought support from in-country agency partners where required, such as in the United Kingdom.

In recent years Invert Robotics’ success saw the company relocate its headquarters to Europe, yet it continued to call upon Convergence for highly cost-effective annual reporting to shareholders. The company places great emphasis on investor confidence and its current shareholders include some of the original investors from its crowdsourcing beginnings, along with newer investors from a successful international capital raising in the United States – a project also supported by Convergence.

All information must be communicated with clarity and transparency, the good and the not so good, the challenges and the opportunities, while telling the story of a company that’s grown, shed a number of skins and endures as a Kiwi-born innovation company on the global stage.

Invert Robotics is now more resilient and stronger than ever.

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