Generation Homes looks at new ‘quarter acre dream’ for Kiwis

In the current housing market, there is no better time to discuss whether the quarter-acre dream is still within reach for Kiwis and our long-term client, top 10 group home builder Generation Homes, was keen to have a say.

As part of a thought leadership strategy in 2019, we worked with CEO Kevin Atkinson to write an opinion piece for Stuff – posing the question “is the quarter-acre dream still relevant for Kiwis”.

In the piece we highlighted how first-home buyers or current homeowners can reach their property dream by taking the right steps in this economic climate. Our research showed that 20 years ago, the property market was a far cry from what it is today and this theme emerged in the opinion piece.

Kevin gave sound advice in the piece, warning first home buyers not to be seduced by low home interest rates. He also advised people to hold onto property and avoid the trap of constantly buying and selling.

Producing thought leadership pieces in conjunction with Generation Homes has positioned Kevin Atkinson as an authority in the group home build sector and his expertise is often sought by media when they are discussing issues to do with first home ownership.

To read the full article on Stuff, click here.

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